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    Just FYI, I'm campaigning to get a wind farm built near my village in Nottinghamshire, anyone that wants to help do something about climate change and reduce pollution can add their support to a petition here .

    Wind powers the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. You'd need to fill the whole landmass of Wales to power one of the 4 major cities. Maybe not so bad afterall but still a terrible idea. Solar panels are where it's at.

    Solar power may be fine for America and southern europe but for the UK it simply doesn't make any sense whatsoever with our lack of sunlight. The peak of electricity demand in this country is on Winter evenings and solar power doesn't do squat to help power that, whereas wind (and waves) are stronger in winter.

    Denmark already gets nearly 20% of it's electricity from wind power and their landscape has not been ruined.
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