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    cjb_bjc wrote:
    Is it me or is Dexter becoming more and more stupid this season, he's doing completely irrasional things and really not acting like himself any more. He doesn't even follow the code any more and makes a hash of things more often than not!
    I think the idea was he stops believing in the code which is how he stops getting caught killing to believe in something else that can stop him killing. It didn't work though, when he killed gratuitously and his brother appeared it made him reckless for a while and when he got that under control he thinks he can save Travis as well as himself. Then he finds out that Travis is even nuttier.

    At that point he could just work as part of the police and instead of hiding evidence, 'find' evidence which leads them to him. However if you watched the 'next week' bit then you'll realise it's too late and he's got to do something himself. Again.
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