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    toy_brain wrote:
    Idoru wrote:
    Owen-B wrote:
    Nah, not for me. The weird plasticky fluidity of the faces is just so offputting. It looks (visually) like utter gash. Why they couldn't have poured all that money into just fucking filming it properly is totally beyond me.

    probably because it would have cost $100m + to do a live action version.

    That's bullshit.

    No it's not. Just because you didnt like it, that doesnt suddenly change the economics of making a film. The nearest equivalent (The Thirteenth Warrior) cost over $100m to make and that was 8 years ago. In case you hadn't noticed, the dollar has depreciated a bit since then...

    toy_brain wrote:
    There were, like, 3 sets in total (banquet hall, castle, cave) so they could probably have built them for less than the rendering cost, and had cash left over to make the all-too-short action scenes a bit more interesting.

    Yep, you're right. And the Grendel could have been made out of plasticine, they could have used a toy dragon on a piece of string, and the sea serpents could have been played by some eels in a fish tank. My mistake..
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