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    squarejawhero wrote:
    What this kind of perfomance capture film does is free up the director entirely to do exactly what he wants

    Exactly. I can't wait too see what this kind of technology will allow decent directors to do a couple years from now when the last niggling quirks around fluid body movement and that slightly creepy "dead eyes" thing have been fully worked out

    After seeing it, myself and a friend (who didn't know what to expect) actually came away really liking it. It's very true to the period (mead halls and boasting and all that), wonderfully crafted and despite the occasional mannequin hiccup, very convincing. Not entirely true to the poem, but an impressive feat nonetheless

    That was pretty much my reaction after seeing it too - a really pleasant surprise (I was expecting it to be pants after seeing the trailer).

    I also thought it was pretty sad in places - particularly the scenes towards the end where Beowulf confronts the raider on the beach and the final preparation for the encounter with Grendel's mother when he's resigned to his own mortality.

    Almost had to wipe away a tear...sniff..
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