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    deem wrote:
    Few things I've noticed that might come in useful.

    When you don't have the ball, hold down A & RT - to jockey and steal the ball.

    When you have the ball - DON'T RUN. The most important thing is to shake years worth of holding down sprint for the majority of the game. If you run with the ball, the LT button to trigger forward runs is pretty much useless. jog with the ball at a steady pace, to give your forwards chance to make their runs, press LT, then as soon as the advancing forward is level with the defender you are playing past, play the through ball with Y.

    When shooting, hold down LT, to cut through the ball with the top of you foot, rather than a regular shot with the outside or inside edge - or a finesse shot with the side of your foot.

    WHen an opponent is close and you are on the ball, hold down LT, for much faster turning, response and control of the ball. A strong player will hold the ball up very well in this situation.

    When playing on the wing, hold down both LT & RT as you approach the defender, then let go of LT and tap the right stick in the direction you are running to sprint past as soon as he makes his move.

    Excellent tips - are they for the old or new control scheme?

    The "not running" tip is pretty key - I do it all the time and my players are dead after one game, and in season mode I'd have to tinker more than Rafa and Claudio combined, if I kept it up.

    Am enjoying this quite a lot although finding it pretty tough - it doesn't help playing as Blackburn though.

    Be A Pro is brilliant - played as Gamst-Pederson and as Benny McCarthy last night and scored 90+. It feels like such a test of skill!

    The manager mode is causing me a bit of a struggle - I might play some friendlies/tournaments for a while to get used to the game a bit more. That said, I had Man U in the league cup and spent the whole game trying not to give the ball away, made it to extra time (at 0-0) and then at the death found a yard and scored a beautiful goal from outside the area. I couldn't work out how to save it though, which was a shame as it was the most satisfying goal I've ever scored.
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