#2490898, By Cuke Hmmm... Tiger Woods 07

  • Cuke 1 Aug 2007 13:27:19 79 posts
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    Finally got myself a Wii at the weekend along with a bundled copy of Tiger Woods 07. Not really a golf game person but thought it would be a good laugh with the motion sensing stuff...

    To cut a long story short, I love it but I've got one little gripe/question... How come every now and then I seem to have a run of four or five drives in a row that just don't seem to work, registering at 50% or so and inevitably ending up somewhere horrible... I admit it may just be that I'm pants at it, but 90% of the time it all works fine and mistakes are my own kind of thing. It just feels like sometimes, even if I doing exactly the same as normal, the game just has a hissy fit and decides I'm due a horrible miss hit...

    Is just me? Do other people get this? Or am I just doing something wrong that I've not noticed on those shots?

    Other than that tho I'm loving the Wii... :)
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