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    Can't go wrong with clematis to cover a fence, fast growing and simple to maintain. For a big fence you want to cover quickly look at the various varieties of clematis montana or cl. armandii - fast growing in spring and profuse flowering. Ideal conditions are full sun with shaded roots. Clematis mix nicely growing through other plants, and August is a good time to plant up a climbing rose.

    Nice flowering alternatives are Hydrangea petiolaris or Japanese Quince. Honeysuckly is great, but grows tough and woody with age. Ivy is a simple cover if that's all you're after. Avoid Russian Vine (Fallopia baldschuanica) - still sold in garden centres, but grows 4m a year and can destroy a fence in half that time (plant fact: Russian vine was grown by the US in Vietnam to keep the Viet Cong out).

    Don't know much about houseplants. Except avoid orchids if you want to stay sane. Some succulent alpines in little gravel pans perhaps.
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