#3326361, By Furbs Champions League 2007/08

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    otto, the English-born, living in Canada at the time German supporting true fan who barely posts in a football thread until a major final(s) comes around admonishing people for not supporting their local team and being glory hunters. Awesome.

    Oh and since I didnt mention it before, congrats Mancs, you did ride your luck and I still think Chelsea edged it (and in this case I was very neutral cos I hate both teams), but football would be all the shitter if games werent decided on inches. At the end of the day, it doesnt matter a jot who was the better/luckier team on the day, its who goes home with a bit of history.

    Oh wait. The whole unwritten rule of "respect for other peoples teams and having a bit of dignity" thing in EG threads was ditched about a year ago wasnt it?
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