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    monkman76 wrote:
    Finding the difficulty in this to a bit unbalanced, but that might just be my lack of twitch skills (on 360 so on a pad of course). Bits with mutants that run at you at high speed I'm struggling with on Hard, but then I drop it to Medium and it's far too easy in missions against armed enemies who pop out from cover. Again, could just be me, never played many twitch shooters.

    Or is the Dead Streets / Hospital mission just a nasty early difficulty spike?

    Also you can't change difficulty mid-mission. The option is there but it does nothing. You have to change it in the Wasteland or one of the hubs.

    This is the first FPS on the 360 I have felt the need to adjust the controller sensitivity. Raised both axis to around 3/4 mark and I found it to be much smoother experience. After doing this I found the Bash TV section on hard alot easier to manage. Just got up to that boss though. Haven't had a chance to give a good go yet.
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