#2518630, By brutal Good laptop that plays WOW

  • brutal 10 Aug 2007 21:10:50 883 posts
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    2gb ram, 200gb hdd, nvidia 8400, built-in abgn+ bluetooth wireless. Has a weird shaped oversized battery that tilts the whole laptop - great for when on a flat surface but makes it uncomfortable to use on your, erm, lap :)

    took about 2 hours to clean up all the HP branded spyware, oh and make sure you turn off the powersaving that limits the cpu to 50%, even with the lead plugged in. crazy.

    I picked up one of these for about 1500 Canadian dollars after tax (about 720 quid).

    runs wow with everything turned on, 30-45 frames everywhere i've been so far. Not tried any raiding yet.

    you get the occasional stutter, but no different from what i seem to get from fully specced desktops.

    Definately stay away from the nvidia 6150, intel 950 stuff. I've seen it run ok on a 7400 card on a sony viao, but thats $$$$
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