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    Luckyjim wrote:

    That's like using the word "series" as a pronoun. Can't the Wire just be referred to as the the Wire and not the series the Wire.

    Of course it can, and is. I can just see the logic linguistically.

    There has to be a group noun for the show by definition so, while it may not be spoken with each reference, The Wire is a series. Once you have that, I can see the logic in each 'chunk' of that series having an easily-differentiated name (season in this case) and then each 'chunk' of that (episode).

    You could go 'Show' - 'Series' - 'Episode', but that's still an Americanism. I can see both sides, but of all the encroaching Americanism I just think this is an odd one to call crass.

    Also, this is clearly a very 'internet' discussion. It really doesn't matter, I just happen to agree with one person more than another on an utterly frivolous thing.
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