#2525327, By muftak Madden XBox360 vs PS3

  • muftak 14 Aug 2007 09:39:23 65 posts
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    dabo wrote:
    Xbox360 = 60fps smooth as silk
    PS3 = 30fps with more stuttering than Arkright.

    Is there any evidence anywhere proving the PS3 is as powerful as the 360 and not significanty less powerful?

    PS. I'm not a fanboy I'm just really starting to seriously doubt how powerful the PS3 actually is.

    btw reading comments from the yanks its still silky smooth on the ps3.

    this was just plain fucking lazy from the EA devs , just wait for a year and see the ps3 true power the 360 has already peaked seeing its a pc in a box and easy to program and get the full power from while the ps3 takes a little more getting used to hence why you see some delays at the moment .

    btw folding @ home shows the processing power of the ps3 the cell is a pure number cruncher which cant be done on the 360 (if it could it would proberly melt anyhows)
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