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    FuzzyDuck wrote:
    Yep, another insta-convert here for Defeated Sanity. Off to Amazon I go...

    That Abominable Putridty album cover immediately made me think of Resident Evil 4!

    Dave Culross absolutely slays on the new Suffo record. There's just something about his playing, they're way better off with him behind the kit.
    Yeah, totally agree on Dave Culross. I don't think it is any coincidence that this is my favourite album of theirs since Despise the Sun, the last album he worked on with them. Love Despise the Sun!

    BTW, Willowtip, the Defeated Sanity lable is on Bandcamp so you can listen to their entire (well most of it; they are still uploading some albums) catalogue here:


    Keep an eye on Wormed's new one, coming in March. Think that is going to win the brutal/technical death metal stakes for 2013. Only heard one song, but based on their previous work, it is going to be amazing!
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