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  • Deleted user 19 March 2013 17:41:04
    MrSemprini wrote:
    Dr.Haggard wrote:If mentioning one of the worst songs Metallica have ever committed to plastic (which is saying something in itself) and getting the name wrong isn't one, then it is now.
    Admittedly it's nowhere near anything from 1-4 but compared to the woeful dross that came after it, it's a masterpiece.
    Yeah, I remember hearing it for the first time when I was about 16 or so and prior to this, literally the only metal albums I'd heard were RtL, MoP, and Maiden's SSoaSS and Powerslave and thinking it was absolute shit compared to any of those. Then came the realisation that when you stack it up next to to Load and Reload, it was solid gold! Bad times indeed.

    The only hook Machine Head ever had for me were Chris Kontos (whatever the hell happened to him?) and Dave McClain, both excellent sticksmen. Something about the chord progressions MH use just bugs the shit out of me.

    So,the new Hypocirsy record is meant to be very good indeed.

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