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  • Deleted user 20 March 2013 13:17:35
    Roddles wrote:
    bracken3000 wrote:
    Any Dimbag fans here?

    But of course there's Dimebag fans in here. He was probably the the best guitarist to operate within mainstream metal; catchy riffs, tight rhythm playing and interesting leads (you really knew when you were listening to him too). Plus that outro to 'Floods'.

    Seeing as they were being directly discussed, compare him to Robb 'Look Mum, I've discovered pinch harmonics!'Flynn, shits all over the guy.

    Pantera were obviously one of the first bands I got into as a whippersnapper, but fuck it I still love hearing them, and nine times out of ten it's because of Dimbag's (sic)playing.
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