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    @FuzzyDuck goetia for me, beginning of it makes me have evil grins.

    As for heavy riffs (apologies, this list is gonna be long, time to burn, dentistry is slow this time of year!)

    Morbid angel - nothing is not
    Decapitated-Spheres of Madness
    Devin Townsend - Random Analysis
    Dismember-Casket Garden
    Godflesh - Sterile Prophet
    Gorefest - A Grim Charade
    Hail of Bullets - Ordered Eastward
    Heaven&Hell- Rock and Roll Angel
    Entombed - Blessed Be
    Incubus - Sadistic Sinner
    Metallica - The Thing that Should Not Be
    Mayhem - My Death
    Sadus - The Wake
    SOD- March of the SOD- Sargent D and the SODá \m/
    Strapping Young Lad- The New Black
    Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise

    To name a few \m/
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