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    Last case just didn't have the same impact that the last cases in the other games did. The story didn't hook me, there didn't seem to be as much at stake, and it kinda ended with a whimper, not a bang. I agree that it's a bit odd going through the whole MASON process only to bam-bam-bam through court the next day.

    None of the revelations were that spicy - Gavin being the forger, neither of the magicians being the killer, Gavin's reason for killing Shadi Smith - none of it was really worth the buildup.

    They managed to make the Phoenix-Trucy story even creepier ("you can call me Daddy" - wtf?!). If they were going to make the singer Apollo's mother, I'd have appreciated some subtle hints in case 3 just to smooth things out. Did we even ever know Apollo had no mother up to that point?

    It was really refreshing to have a prosecutor who wasn't all "this is the best prosecutor in the world but you'll beat them over and over"-material. His character really shone through in the last case, though the Gavin-Gavin relationship was something they really should have explored more in order to make sense of all of his squirming at the end.

    The MASON system they should adopt at the main interface - even if they just keep it in the present and not bother with the past. It cuts down on travel time, it looks cool, and the checkboxes help guide you on where you still need to do things. Then, if there's something new you need to do in an old location, they just remove the check and you know you need to go back.

    Jurist system made sense in the story but it was a pretty weak way to win. I like winning by presenting evidence and convincing the judge :)

    Overall, not my favourite PW, but not bad.

    Genji wrote:
    Anyone find this a bit disturbing? Or... erotic?
    It's like 10x hotter when you reach the end of the game and realise Apollo's been ogling his sister's panties \o/
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