#2550859, By skillian Good enough for HDTV output?

  • skillian 22 Aug 2007 14:18:08 42 posts
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    DodgyPast wrote:
    FluffyTucker wrote:
    HDTV output, if you're talking about 720p, is a pretty low resolution so it doesn't require a very uber PC, so that would be fine.
    Such utter bollocks here I'm afraid.

    To rescale x264 1080P output to 720p takes a lot of grunt which your system won't manage.

    Even for outputting x264 720p stuff it won't be as smooth as you'd like.

    I'd say a low end Core Duo is going to be the minimum for this kind of thing.

    My single core Athlon64 3200 (and integrated 6200 GFX) plays x264 720p and 1080p without dropping frames no problem, using CoreAVC. Actual uncompressed Blu-Ray discs would be a problem though I'm sure.

    But I'd agree that you might as well get a better system if you're buying now. I saw a dual core Athlon64 3800 for 35 delivered the other day.
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