#2605148, By DiabloBastardo Medal of Honor: Airborne. Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace NOW!

  • DiabloBastardo 9 Sep 2007 17:00:54 20 posts
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    bauhaus wrote:
    bollox, was thinking about getting this

    best avoided then???

    Your better off getting a deck of cards and playing one man snap.

    It starts of ok but then you soon realise that having to wind 2 clip into a Nazi then see him running at you trying to beat you sensless with his gun is no fun.

    The game strays off realism later on by introducing some rather bizarre Nazi elite things, they need 3 grenades, a snipe, a blast from a shot gun then a British rail cheese sandwich to kill off. The last level is a pain in the arse and is making my shit itch.
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