#9242174, By PearOfAnguish Cheapest place to buy Gillette Razor Blades?

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    As well as getting a good razor and blades you should also spend a bit of time finding the right shaving soap or cream. No need to use that nasty spray can stuff.

    Edwin Jagger do some really nice products but there are plenty of other brands. They can seem expensive (100ml of Edwin Jagger cream comes in at about 12-15) but they last much, much longer. According to my Amazon order history I bought the tub I'm using now in January...


    Amazon. They're about 6.

    Last time I bought some noticed you can get a 100 pack of Derby blades for 8! Bargainous. They'd last an age.


    Chance it'll last more than 20 years. A good quality DE razor is a lifetime purchase. There's actually a market for antique razors, once they're cleaned up they work good as new.

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