#214240, By Gorgoroth_II Oh dear, BBC has another pop at poor old Nintendo

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    Of course the BBC will have a pop at Nintendo. The general mindset of 'modern' (ie: about 12 years old and as thick as pig shit) gamers is that Nintendo is a company who makes games for 'kids' (as if any other company on the market is more 'mature'). The BBC, like any other horrible, slimy media, are just here to perpetuate that kind of bullshit.

    Of course, the article does mention a lot of facts that are indeed quite true, but I myself have never been swayed by what consoles are popular and which ones aren't. People argue endlessly on various forums about what console is on top, which games beat which, etc. Nintendo don't have to be top of the pile in order to carry on making their games. They're a different kind of company altogether - their aim is to please fans of their long-standing franchises; Metroid, Zelda, Mario etc. Their games are continually of an extremely high standard, too. This may sound quite lofty, but it's almost as if Nintendo aren't motivated by money and popularity at all.

    They have never let their fans down, thus far. Sure, Metroid Prime and Wind Waker split fans into factions of 'love it' and 'hate it', but the fact remains that these games were excellent in their own right. I'll always support them, as long as they keep releasing quality games.

    If there's one thing that riles me up, it's people who heed the words of (as someone said earlier) these self-appointed game reviewers, on TV or in the papers. Biased* idiots.

    (* I'm aware I've just written a pro-Nintendo rant, but I'm not a biased 'Nintendo only' loyalist type)

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