#2570026, By GI-Joel wii might have poo games.

  • GI-Joel 29 Aug 2007 10:07:43 134 posts
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    It seems to me that alot of developers who make ground breaking games are uming and erring over devoping wii games. Since the wii has launched the only games that have stood out are ninty games . Third party games seem a bit pants in my eyes.
    Valve say errrrmmmm might (no) in the latest interview..

    Crytek Say wii have a small room so umm..

    There are alot more pc / xbox developers that are all the same, yet they all say its a good platform ????

    I know that valve crytek are pc / xbox / ps3 supporters but the big danger i see coming is rubbish games by half cut programing houses, Then publishers using these to make a quick buck.. The wiis hardware is selling faster than krisby kreme doughnuts. I feel we need these top delvelopers to develope wii games....... After all its a console to.
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