#2576989, By TriodeBliss top 3 ps2 games you've played

  • TriodeBliss 31 Aug 2007 01:27:51 724 posts
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    Agent_Llama wrote:
    TriodeBliss wrote:
    I haven't played We Love Katamari, but I'd be suprised if it can match the greatness of the original's soundtrack.

    You NEED to - WLK's soundtrack is a work of genius.

    famous_roy wrote:
    It obliterates the Original Katamari soundtrack. Katamari on the swing is the Katamari theme for me. Also WLK improves on the original in practically every way, much more variety in the levels and longer to boot.

    OK, I'll give it a go if I can find it cheap.

    I was going to get it when it came out, but decided to hold off buying it when I found out EA were charging full price for it over here (I seem to recall it was a budget release across the pond).
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