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  • Gorgoroth_II 17 Jan 2004 18:18:12 42 posts
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    I'm not a smoker myself, but that ad actually made me quite bitter about the oxygen theiving scallies whom I have to ride the bus with to get to college every day, who constantly smoke amidst many signs of "No Smoking" and "Maximum Penalty 400"! I'm sure a lot of the so-called 'fatty stuff' (notice how patronising the ad is, to anyone with half a brain?) is going in MY arteries too because of these tracksuited gimps.

    I'd love to see the expression on their faces if these drivers had the cojones to get up and lay a fine on 'em!

    This is not directed at any of you here, but I don't think these ads will have much of an affect. Most people are stupid, weak-minded and ignorant. They'll notice the ad campaign, say something like "Look at that...It's terrible isn't it?!" which will be met by a furore of agreeance from their stupid friends (ever noticed how a lot of people's conversations comprise mainly of one of them making a statement and the other agreeing almost nonchalantly? Well...stupid/old people anyway), but 2 minutes later they'll be fumbling in their sequin handbag for their 'Benson and Hedges'.

    This, coupled with the fact that the adverts will only be broadcast for a peroid, leads me to the conclusion that the ads will have very minor impact.

    Good luck to you folks here who've decided to quit.
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