#2587531, By Uncle_Screwtape If you could see your life stats after you'd died...

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    Amount of time spent thinking rather than doing:

    time spent in a headstand:

    Amount of time people were talking about you behind your back and not in a good way:

    Girls where you missed signals:

    Girls where you thought there were signals but there weren't and you looked like a tit when acting upon it:

    total time on FF games:

    times family members could hear you wanking:

    amount of blinks:

    General info: Girl's like twats, Guy's like sluts...both want to be fucked...but they don't know what they actually want as they are just listening to what their primitive body and mind are telling them.

    The US did land on the moon you fuckheads....9/11 wasn't a stelthjew conspiracy...george bush got a boner when it happened as he had a blank cheque to do what the fuck he liked but he didn't plan it, just made the most of it.

    Jesus did exist, He is one of many of my incarnations sent down to help you, give you hope...show you the way I want you to act and behave for a fulfilling life filled with the infinate love I can offer you...You can't say you weren't told.

    oh and Bono's a twat.
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