#4955972, By slayaz Fight Night Round 4

  • slayaz 6 Jul 2009 12:34:44 5 posts
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    I haven't actually played it online, but i can't remember when a sports game wasn't flawed in some major way online (don't play footie games, so not sure about them).

    With people either dropping out, or using cheap tactics like body spamming I normally only play with people on my friends list who actually want a proper fight.

    As for the now very boring complaints about the sticks, they are fine. Deal with it or practice more.

    Overall, a good laugh, although the legacy mode has suddenly got hard and I guess this is down to auto training. I think the answer is lots of practice in "my corner" so you can get maximum points from training. If you think that with auto training, after only 10 training sessions you are potentially up to 30 points down on your stats. My boxer could be 60 points less than maximum! That is a lot of hurt right there.
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