#2594279, By PondScum What do you think of the European Union ?

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    Xerx3s wrote:
    Podscum: Do you seriously believe that the people is capable of making a good, informed choice without fear?

    Let me give you a little hint: When the votes against the original where counted, a negligible percentage actually knew what they voted against. The rest just voted on fear of the unknown.

    What I do believe is that it's extremely arrogant to write off the rest of the population as being incapable of making a good, informed choice. How do we know that you can? How do you know they are not informed? And where's your proof of your statement in your final paragraph - were they asked as they left the polling station "Do you know what you voted against?" Did they do a similar poll of people who voted FOR - how do you know that they definitely knew what they were voting for?

    Like it or not, voting is a key part of democracy, and I think it's patronising that you think people can vote in an election (how many of them do you think have read the party they vote for's manifesto?) but aren't capable of voting in a referendum? Maybe you'd like an IQ test before people can vote in a referendum?

    Besides, maybe it's because you wouldn't like the result - it's ok for chavs to have a vote in a general election without knowing the facts because they probably still believe the bollocks promises that Labour will make them better off, but the chavs would also vote to come out of Europe, which is NOT your desired result.

    PS - last paragraph is said a bit tongue in cheek.
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