#2646445, By bainbrge What do you think of the European Union ?

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    Khanivor wrote:
    The UK needs to have a referendum. Because of the government's outright refusal to touch the European issue in a general election it has zero mandate to decide for the people. This is what a referendum is for.

    And tough tits if the xenophobics win. That is called a democracy. Picking the decisions that are with you and preventing votes ion things that may go against your desire is not a fucking democracy.

    Khan I think you're missing the point. Universal suffrage is vital, and I don't agree with those people saying that it should be prohibited to those who can't or won't appreciate it. However, a referendum is a very blunt tool in a democracy; we elect our parties to vote on certain issues on our behalf, i.e. representative democracy.

    There is a bargain inherent in democracy - the electorate get to choose who runs the country, but the electorate MUST take the responsibility to vote in an informed way. In the UK, a majority of the population seem to have absolved themselves of thinking about political issues - they expect to have their desires satisfied at minimal cost, and they don't expect to have to spend valuable consuming time to think about their responses to government and society at large. I appreciate this is a rather generalised statement, but I think its empirically justified by reference to our credit problems and societal dysfunction.

    Given the above, the biggest reason I don't support a referendum on the EU treaty is that I really don't think it is that important. I've looked at it in moderate detail, and I fail to see where - in absolute or even relative terms - we are "losing sovereignty" or signing ourselves up to a European Superstate.
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