#4171519, By Xephon1970 PS2 cult classics that deserve sequels on the PS3

  • Xephon1970 22 Dec 2008 09:23:30 28 posts
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    Some that haven't been mentioned yet...and some that have.

    Chaos Legion
    Dark Cloud/Chronicle
    Drakengard - with no pop up!
    Freak Out, or at least something by the same team
    Gregory Horror Show
    Legend of Kay - great little platformer, often overlooked in favour of the obvious ones
    Okami +1
    Rogue Galaxy
    Shadow of Rome
    Shin Megami Tensei series, although I believe one is in the works - my favourite RPG series
    Stella Deus
    Mark of Kri +1
    Valkyrie Profile
    Way of the Samurai 2 - although a PS3 game is out in Japan, there's no sign of a release here...
    Zone of the Enders

    There's an SOS game coming to the PSP, so maybe we'll see one on the PS3 at some point. Or not.
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