#2610299, By unclemurder303 COD 4 BETA??????

  • unclemurder303 11 Sep 2007 09:13:52 4 posts
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    Just wandering how long to us loyal PS3 custmers get are COD4 BETA?? I mean t would be nice to get the same treatment as the 360 owners.

    Will we get the Beta or do we just sit here till NOV 5? I think its crap how we have to wait for the real game to come out. Im starting to think thats sony's way of not showing games because of its challenger xbox 360.

    I would like to think PS3 IS THE SHIZ!! But thers a reason why everyone talks about how the frame rate isent as good as 360.

    For this game i hope that' s not the case!!!!!!!!!

    I love my PS3!! Sony show us LUV!!!!!!!!!
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