#2622467, By addic Heavenly Sword

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    pjmaybe wrote:
    This is one of the worst next generation games I've played.

    There is MORE than "a bit of tearing" - in fact it tears like a toilet-tissue seat belt and it's not even a bloody 3D game (it uses the same camera-jinking 2D awkwardness that Metal Gear Solid games used to use).

    Character design is strong, then they chuck it all away by basically giving Nariko about 3 frames of animation.

    Combat is fucking pathetically mashy.

    The puzzles, oh god the puzzles - they'd be funny if they weren't so bloody atrocious.

    The load times are C64 sans turbo-loader speeds (despite a fucking HUGE install before you play)

    It's pish, avoid like the plague.


    wanna sell your copy? ;)
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