#2623583, By andyk I want to learn Japanese

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    Deepo wrote:
    Thank you for the replies everyone!

    I think "feel superior for playing JRPGS the way the were 'meant to be'" best sums up why i would like to learn it :)

    @Shinji: I live in Oslo, but thank you for the tip! I think i might buy "Japanese for Busy People", hilarious title by the way! I'll read that to determine if i am really motivated enough to pay for lessons.

    Last year I did an evening class using Japanese for Busy People. It is not a bad learning tool, but very much written for businessmen. My teacher wasn't all that good either so I got frustrated at learning how to ask for buisness cards and taxis to the office rather than restuarants and for directions. But it is not a bad start if you want to learn some basics, like numbers, telling time, introductions. But if Daisy found her books good, I would suggest those ones.
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