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    After leaving Nathan alone on chapter thirteen - entitled 'Sanctuary?' - sometime since the beginning of this year, I thought I would revisit the game this morning (whilst I was in bed with a mild hangover).

    I was suddenly reminded why I had given up on that particular chapter (on Crushing difficulty nonetheless) earlier this year. It was the location where you encounter the SWAT-like soldiers with their laser-sighted Eagle guns and M4's for the first time in the rather enclosed courtyard area in which you are ambushed and bullets are flying from all directions.

    Oddly enough, I only died once before I moved on, much to my surprise as it was fairly smooth sailing from there onwards with chapter twenty only proving to be the one where I had to retry certain checkpoints a few times.

    Speaking of chapter twenty - 'Race to the Rescue' - the part where you revisit the outdoor courtyard with snipers, grenadiers and shotgun touting enemies is really quite cheekily unfair. Once you finally downed the last enemy standing, you are pushed to go through the church (once again) where you meet the same array of enemies you barely survived outside in the courtyard.

    The part where I literally shouted, 'oh come on!' at my TV is when you clear the church at last - or so you think - for there to be another bunch of enemies to deal with who creep up on you behind your back.

    I truly hope Naughty Dog cut that shit out in the sequel as it is a frustrating and unnecessary way to bloat and extend the length of the game.

    Well, that's something I wanted to get off my mind!

    I still think Uncharted is one of the best 'next-generation' experiences. The characters, dialogue and story make me appreciate Naughty Dog's craftsmanship and question how on earth Indiana Jones IV was such a mess after something like this comes along.

    This is such a good game and one that I must admit I am glad to have finished on Crushing at long last too.

    Cappy wrote:
    No more jet skis though. Please.

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    The upriver jet ski sequence is fairly awful.
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