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    greggywocky wrote:
    Dracharon wrote:
    greggywocky wrote:
    Dracharon wrote:
    i will have this game in 3/4 days..
    cant say im overly excited, but i might as well get it to complete the trilogy.
    it just doesnt seem to have that 'new and exciting' feel to it.
    regular old halo, with different places to kill aliens.
    i can only hope its better than halo 2.

    Wrong! It's the best Halo ever. I'm about halfway through now on Heroic. Really gets going towards the end of level 3 onwards.

    well as i said, i dont have it yet. i am just saying what i can see of it at the moment. i will actually decide once i get it.

    just please, please tell me its nothing like halo 2.
    that was an embarressment.

    I had exactly the same worries as you mate. Rest assured, Halo 3 is a return to form. Was up until ten past six in the morning today playing the campaign on Heroic. (Really kicks in during level 3).

    Best. Halo. Ever.

    Thank god =]
    im lookin forward to it more now.
    i think im gonna play it on legendary to start, as i played halo 1 on normal, halo 2 on herioc, it seems only logical. plus as its the last halo i want it to last me for as long as possible. =]
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