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    WooHoo!!! wrote:
    Hindle wrote:
    I cant believe they will do the complete trilogy on the 360. Im betting Halo 4 will be a next gen game as well it has to be.

    I can't seem them going for some bizarre two hardware but looks much nicer on the latest console approach.

    Halo 4 - 360
    Halo 5 - Fall 2014, Next Gen launch or second wave.

    I expect them to give 2012 games a good year or more before unleashing the next gen.

    MS definitely have good year cycles. 2010 was a great year: Reach, ME2, Alan Wake, Fable 3 plus a great 3rd party line up.
    However, this year looks a little thin on the first party list. Hopefully 2012 is another strong year.
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