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  • Deleted user 7 June 2012 14:10:16
    RedSparrows wrote:
    I'm not saying they don't like it - they do seem to like it. You can 'get it' and still dislike it, fine by me.

    But you just have to watch a lot of people play the MP to see they haven't got a clue, or comment that Halo needs more levelling systems and XP gubbins to be considered modern, a la the Reach review.

    Reach was not an abortion in MP, you just didn't like it. Hyperbole max.
    Just on this point, I thought the Reach review was a great review by Oli. Also, at no point did he outright suggest that Halo needed levelling and an XP system in order to compete with its biggest rival.

    He simply made the point that the landscape of online multiplayer FPS on console had changed drastically in the years between Halo 3 and Reach. The rise of CoD in that short space of time made Halo feel like the alternative, rather than the de facto standard in console FPS.

    In addition, he suggested that the unlock system in Reach felt like a half-hearted attempt at incorporating an idea from other games in the genre, but he (and EG) didn't once say that Halo needed levelling, as you seem to be suggesting.
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