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    Strange one this, I am a huge Halo fan. Got all the games, got some of the books, got art books, got halo 3 soundtrack etc etc. However I have almost no excitement for Halo 4. Is it because I have had enough? Not sure, the game play trailers just look meh. Yeah there are new enemies but I am unhappy that the covenant are still in it, I assume they are in it still because it saved them about a year in development time by just re issuing the same enemies that Bungie created so they only need to make perhaps half the new enemies.
    I'm not totally sure why I have little interest, there are several other games I am more looking forward to this year and I would never had said the same with previous Halo games incoming.
    Same here. Absolutely love Halo but I just don't feel up for this one. Would have liked to see the plot move on to something completely fresh enemy wise and the multiplayer has moved far too much away from what made the earlier games special for me.
    Same here aswell. When I completed the campaign in Reach and I was reading the credits I knew that it ended at the right time, the Halo story was complete. With Halo 4 I will probably feel the same way about as I did with Halo Wars, while it will be a good, fun game I won't like it as much as the Bungie games.
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