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    ecureuil wrote:
    No way! Reach on Legendary was amazing, and hands down one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. It's mostly the reason why I consider Reach to be the best in the series.
    I'm with ecu on this one, Reach Legendary is probably my favourite campaign. It always felt like the most fair, with nothing there to sneak a cheeky death out of you. I'm not even very good at Halo (ask the Halo Monday lot), but Reach on Legendary was spot on. All you need if you're crap like me is the patience to read the situation first, make sure you're prepared, then go in for the kill!

    Sure, the enemies did have the usual higher health and damage, but they're a little smarter too, and that's the main thing for me. It doesn't feel like it's rendered more difficult artificially by just raising numbers, it's a different experience. I do hope Halo 4 follows suit.

    Glad you enjoyed your time with it muttler, I shall be quoting you every time someone that hasn't played it starts going on about COD ;)

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