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    Naomis MK VII weighs around 300kg though like with a lot of the halo lore now its very convoluted, but that's going from Glasslands and the Thursday War. along with introducing the idea that the Armour is now Nano-tech.

    as for the Spartans being cyborgs it depend on how you define cyborg. most of the upgrades where biological with the exception of an interface that you can plug an AI into.

    The sprint perk and all the perks where added for gameplay and gameplay alone there isn't any lore surrounding them as far as I know, but in the lore Spartans have always been able to sprint.

    As sanctusmortis said all of the "upgrades" were essential to the Spartans without them, the armour would literally tear them to pieces, that's one of the reasons those who didn't make it though the augmentations where kicked out of the program.

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