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    I'm playing single player at the moment on Heroic, not touched anything else yet. It plays like Halo and, for the most part, it feels like Halo. I miss the humour, although that's been on the way out for a while. The new grunts sound like Donald Duck being throttled and anally fisted at once.

    Lots of vehicle parts which are as good as ever and the weapons are wonderful, the Battle Rifle has such glorious thump. Pleased they brought that back without sacrificing the DRM. Oh and the Needler's super badass.

    Not sure about the Prometheans yet. All my favourite parts have come when fighting the Covenant. Fortunately there's been plenty of that.

    Opening mission aside it's been good stuff so far and it feels like an expensive game (production values are through the roof). Nothing's truly blown me away yet though, except maybe the Promethean weapon transformations.

    Only a bit over half way through, mind.
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