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    darkmorgado wrote:
    There's definitely been some rebalancing this time round. Grunts feel more threatening; they've either had their hit points increased, or melee has been nerfed as it seems less effective against them.

    By contrast, Elites don't seem as tough now, particularly their shields.

    Vehicles in general seem tougher, though I think Banshees aren't quite as fast as they used to be.

    Did the rocket launcher used to lock on to targets? I seem to remember it did if you kept the target in your sights for a while.
    RL locked on in Halo 2 but they removed it for 3, if I recall.

    Grunts still go down in a headshot but all the enemies, Elites withstanding, seem to be able to soak up more body shots than before. There seems to be a greater focus on ranged combat, I can only remember meleeing the first Elite onboard the Dawn and a few of the dogs. Tried to punch a Knight earlier and ended up admiring the physics of dead chief skating across the floor.

    As for difficulty, it's the Knights, when they arrive in bands of 2 or 3, that make Legendary harder. I'm fighting one of the badass ones at the moment. Insta-kill sniper, three flying bicycles, a laser turret and two buddies make for a bleak affair.
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