#9146101, By Halo 4

  • Deleted user 12 November 2012 06:36:57
    Can't stand the prometheians, ever since they appeared in the game it's turned a bit crap, they are just not fun at all. Take far to many bullets, they can teleport all over the place, and they have a sentry that heals them, stops my grenades and even brings them back to life! and to top it off they have stupid dogs running around with guns.

    Also this game is sorely missing the actual Halo theme, a bit of a big oversight, it's like rebooting Bond or Star Wars and replacing the main theme with a generic Hans Zimmer tracks. Beach storming with grunts while halo theme plays are trademark stand out moments for Halo.

    I've got the 'Bungie trilogy' in my collection and anniversary, but I think I'll trade this once completed.
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