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    Personally, so far - roughly halfway through - I think it's the best in the series. It feels like it's the first fully realised Halo, from an audiovisual point of view. The art also tops everything Bungie's ever done.
    Only had a brief taste of multiplayer, but I like the new additions too. I've only ever been average in this game, so being able to customise your Spartan's arsenal to your playing style is important to me and a big draw factor to keep playing to get the better stuff. And it still feels like Halo multi to me.

    All in all, that is actually the prevalent feeling for me. Still Halo at its core, but refined in almost every way. The story - so far - is delivered with better exposition, pace and aplomb than it ever was, and I'm feeling 'Halo' all over again, discovering a new locale and enemies, something that was lacking in Halo 3.
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