#9151341, By Latin Halo 4

  • Latin 13 Nov 2012 22:43:14 4,075 posts
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    Only played 1 1/2 missions so no prometheans yet but this game is brilliant! Classic Halo gameplay up until now, only thing I'm not liking is the covenent replacement for the plasma rifle, it's a bit rubbbish!

    All the other weapons feel like they have more ooomph and especially enjoying the needler and battle rifle.

    Needles to say it looks and sounds better than anything else on the xbox although not so sure about the soundtrack itself... No comparison to the way Skyrim, for example, made me feel when it really got going.

    Anyway, not that anyone cares but definitely feels a lot like CE which was my favourite of the series, just waiting for my first encounter with some Hunters!
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