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    L_Franko wrote:
    I've no idea about Griffball.
    I did try King of the Hill and really quite enjoyed it because people help each other out instead of fighting their team mates for kills.
    I was suprised last night though in a Slayer game because the three randoms I was with all stuck together and were actually waiting for heading towards a team mate that got separated or killed. None of them had a mic on so I couldn't speak to them but they did a great job of understanding the match without it.
    blimey, offer to have their babies!

    when did xbox live become so quiet anyway? I slag off PSN because nobody talks but I'm really surprised how mute live is these days (I only just renewed my gold after a year out). makes me miss the smack talk of Halo 2... Loved the proximity chat/banter/abuse
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