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    Lukus wrote:
    After mostly trudging through the preceding levels I've got on to the Halo level, and it's suddenly got really good... What took them so long?
    In all the proper Halo games there have been at least a few levels that really stood out, that have become definitive Halo experiences, for me anyway.

    CE: Halo, Cartographer, Control Room, Two Betrayals
    H2: High Charity, Delta Halo
    H3: Tsavo Highway, The Storm, The Ark, The Covenant
    Reach: Tip of the Spear, Solace, Pillar of Autumn

    This though has barely any of the epic feel the series has been known for to this point. It's just treks down linear path after linear path shooting Covies and Promeatheans, with nothing like any of the epic Scarab takedowns from Halo 3 or the large scale illusion of non-linearity of Long Night of Solace from Reach. The Reclaimer possibly comes close, but that's all I can really remember about the campaign. And seeing as I finished this game's campaign last week and haven't played Reach for over a year, that's got to mean something surely.

    The MP though is easily the best of the series so far. Like the best bits of Halo 3 and Reach fused together. Take out the voting system and it'll be all I've ever play.

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