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    Lukus wrote:
    Just completed the campaign, first play through, single player on Legendary.

    I think 8/10 is fair. (For context I'd probably score the original campaign as a 10 overall.) It starts off more like a 7 but gets much better towards the last third. Before then it's all a bit ponderous and lacking in character. It looked great and sounded great, but still felt empty and worryingly devoid of fun with a distinct lack of 'holy shit that was ace' moments in the emergent gameplay.

    The music is mostly forgettable. Again, it seems to improve towards the end where it begins to feel slightly more meaty and rousing.

    The new enemies are ok, better than the gorilla things in Halo 2 and 3, but again lacking in character. That's the problem with robots I guess. The Covenant are far more varied and fun to fight against, but seem less cunning than in previous Halos, and the Elites certainly take less hits.

    I think overall it suffers from taking itself a bit too seriously and referencing a bunch of stuff only people who have read the books will care about or properly understand, which is good I suppose in the scheme of things (not pandering to the masses too much), but not really for me.
    I think it misses the contrasting tones of the previous games, the moments of light relief interspersed with grave danger and urgency.

    Still, the good outweighs the bad and for a first effort by a new team its not the disaster it might have been. They should be applauded for at least attempting some new things and mixing it up a little. I'm optimistic about their future output too.

    You've explained my thoughts on the campaign perfectly, better than I managed to. I just felt it was thoroughly disappointing. However I fully expect them to bring back the old Halo sense of scale for the next game. Or hoping with both fingers crossed at least...

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