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    darkmorgado wrote:
    SomaticSense wrote:
    No map choice and one veto, ala Halo 3.

    Democracy has only proven that most voters are dumb sheep...
    The problem with that is that people will always then just veto any map that comes up that isn't Rag or Haven on the first round. I don't see it really fixing much.
    Then there only a 1 in 4 (currently, pre-DLC) chance that the next map will be Haven, say. It still allows the option for a veto if the majority despise that particular map and prevents the Ragnarok/Haven spam we have at the mo.

    It's the best available compromise.

    @Derblington - Nice ideal, but no one will ever think every map is good in a game. Besides which, Haven and Ragnarok are both decent maps, so that's not the issue.

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