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    It was poorly written and relied far too much on the expanded fiction to explain what the hell was going on and how certain characters miraculously knew certain things.
    Halo 3 was just as - if not more - guilty of this. It simply assumed the player knew everything there was to know about the backstory. When I first played it I felt completely lost as I never got round to playing 2 beforehand. It was a constant "why the fuck do I have an Elite friend? Who the fuck is this giant little shop of horrors reject? Who is this prophet bloke" clusterfuck, containing some of the worst SP level design I have ever come across in an FPS that decided Library wasn't bad enough so we should all have to endure Cortana to make up for it.

    /old feelings of resentment
    There's a differnce between needing to have played the previous game, and needing to have read the myriad expanded universe novels released over the last few years.

    I've played all the games numeous times each and most of the non-Forerunner books, and yet all too often I felt an important detail wasn't elaborated enough on or even touched on at all ("Btw Chief. You know how you were the only Spartan not MIA and how bad you felt about that? Yeah well there are shit tons now!").

    It felt like a huge number of cutscenes or in-game dialogue sequences were just cut out entirely.
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