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    So why did everyone seem to know so much about the Didact, including his name after just one fleeting meeting. Surely that couldn't have sat right.
    Apparently it was all covered in the Halo: Cyptum novel.

    I'm fine with expanded universe fiction and using comics, books etc, but when understanding the plot of a game actually relies on you investing in that expanded universe fiction then there's something wrong.
    It didn't, however. I followed it fine.
    Ok, you followed it fine. We get that. That you haven't explained how they knew so much suggests that either you can't figure that out either, or you have actually read the book and knew the answer anyway.

    You didn't care or notice that the narrative was sloppy and ful of plot-holes, but as a long time Halo fan who has read all the earlier non-Forerunner novels, the GSCE grade storytelling stuck out like a sore thumb for me. Halo has always been about low-grade pulp sci-fi, especially if you factor in the books, but this is pulp sci-fi fan fiction seemingly written by a 14 year old.
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